Virtuous Beacon Association

"Lighting your pathway to new career opportunities."    

Virtuous Beacon Association (VBA) is an intermediary community based with 501(c) 3 status that will provides job skills training, job interview training, job placement, and counseling to dislocated women who are domestic violence survivors and youthful women with children.  VBA understands many women are single parents.  It is the mission of VBA to assist women in finding a career path by entering into non-traditional occupations like construction, I.T., agriculture technology, and cooking & hospitality. 

By partnering with Boys to Men we are able to extend services to youth and young adults.  This allow V.B.A. to offer trained candidates to employers that will lower the employer's cost by giving them tax incentives, knowledgeable employees, national certified employees, and lower turnover rates while increasing the economic growth of the community.